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investigation to find out what caused this family tragedy. there were tears and embraces in the bourneham wood subdivision as word spread that a well-known, well-liked family of four had been found dead in their home. the victims a father, a mother and two teenaged sons. thinking neighborhood is a very -- is an awesome neighborhood. and there are great people that live here. and for that to happen is just -- words can't, you know. >> reporter: police made the terrible discovery around noon. they came to check on the family's welfare after coworkers of the parents called to say they had not shown up for work monday or today. once inside, police found the bodies. they are not characterizing this as a murder/suicide, but also say they don't believe there is a threat to the neighborhood. police also will not reveal how the family died. >> detectives haven't released anything about the cause of death or the conditions of the bodies at this point. >> reporter: neighbors say the couple had lived on point rider lane for 28 years.
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they were original owners here. their oldest son was a sophomore at west field high school. the youngest boy an eighth grader at rachel carson middle school. neighbors say the family was always on the porch or kicking a soccer ball in the yard. they say no one expected trouble. >> very, very friendly family. very personable. you know, we've been here for about six years, and they've always been great. >> they seemed very friendly. they hang out on their front porch, wave to you as they walk by. a nice family. >> reporter: but a neighbor across the street reports being awakened early sunday morning by a banging noise. she looked outside, but saw nothing amiss. and we still don't know whether what that neighbor heard was connected to what happened in the house. neighbors have identified the family who lives in this home. we are not doing so because their next of kin has not yet been notified. coming up on "news4 at 6," we'll talk to a mother who lives down the street about a very difficult conversation ahead with her son tonight. he grew up with one of the
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victims. for now reporting live from herndon, i'm julie carey, news4. investigators are still looking into who is responsible for a threat that shut down parts of dulles international airport. police and k-9 units searched the airport's two daily parking garages last night after someone called in a bomb threat. departing flights were delayed because passengers were held at the gate. things are back to normal today. no word on why the threat was made. and a d.c. man charged with animal cruelty has now pleaded guilty in that case. 24-year-old sean branch was accused of dropping a cement slab on the sleeping 6-month-old puppy. this happened last summer behind a convenience store on mt. olivet road in northeast. prosecutors say branch was angry with the dog's owner level. be sentenced in november and he is facing a maximum of five years in prison. right now a search is under way for the gunman who shot and then robbed a bank customer in takoma park. this same bank was the scene of a bank robbery and hostage
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situation just last year. now those who bank in that area are on edge tonight. jackie benson is outside the capital one bank on new hampshire avenue with the latest on the investigation. jackie? >> reporter: jim, this happened in broad daylight, 7:00 p.m. the victim is a 33-year-old painting contractor. >> wow. i used to live in this neighborhood. it's never been anything of a safety hazard. >> reporter: customers at the hampshire langley shopping center at new hampshire avenue and university boulevard have grown concerned after a painting contractor was shot leaving the capital one bank monday night. investigators say the 33-year-old victim had just left the bank and was walking toward his van in the parking lot when he was approached by a man with a gun. >> at that time, the suspect made a demand for his property. he obtained cash from the victim and then fired one shop, striking the victim in the hand. >> reporter: a day later, detectives return to a nearby apartment complex on 15th avenue
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to question residents and look for information. in the minutes after the shooting, a police k-9 had tracked the suspect to the complex, but lost the trail there. >> we did a k-9 search. well recovered some items that was possibly left behind by the suspect. >> reporter: the same capital one bank was the scene of a dramatic hostage incident in january of 2011. the suspect was shot and killed by police after taking a bank teller hostage. >> i'll be honest. the bank got robbed what, two years ago. and that was broad daylight, you know. and i was sitting right here when that happened. you know. so, i mean, nothing surprises me nowadays. langley park is like that. >> reporter: police say the suspect is about six feet tall, slender, 170 to 190 pounds. they say he was dressed in a somewhat unusual manner, a black hat, black jacket, dark gray or black shoes, and gray dress pants. anyone with information is asked to call takoma park police. and coming up on "news4 at 6," we'll talk to a man who saw it
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all go down. reporting live in takoma park, jackie benson, news4. in politics now, a set of anonymous text messages sent out to virginia voters. the messages accuse senate candidate tim kaine of wanting to impose a radical tax on all americans. they were sent to voters in the hampton roads area this week. kaine's campaign said they did not send those messages, and today kaine questioned the timing of the text with a new ad from his opponent george allen. >> it's one thing to air millions of dollars of false negative ads, but it's another thing to invade people's privacy with unsolicited text messages. we don't yet know who is behind them. but, again, the fact that they occurred, you know, less than 24 hours from the campaign launching an ad on exactly the same topic, we've got to get to the bottom of it. >> kaine's office is also questioning how the anonymous source got people's cell phone
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numbers. they're calling on the state attorney general to investigate. the d.c. police department tonight is turning over its mobile crime investigation unit to civilians, freeing up about 80 uniformed police officers for other police duties. this move is part of a sweeping overhaul of crime scene management. news4's tom sherwood talked to the police union today. they're warning that valuable skills and experience are being lost. tom? >> reporter: jim, crime scene work is a lot more technical, and the chief says she needs officers on the street. the new $220 million headquarters of the city's chief medical examiner and state-of-the-art laboratories for crime scene analysis. it's due to open on monday and expected to improve police and prosecution work on thousands of cases. police chief kathy lanier is shifting 80 uniformed officers from crime scene analysis, replacing them with all civilian forensic technicians in a fast-changing high-tech world. >> the science has grown dramatically in the last 20
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years. and it will be a gradual transition. i think it's the way we have to go. it is the way of the future. with the science advancing as rapidly as it, i think it makes good sense. >> reporter: lanier praises the current officers who will get other uniform duties. the current chief medical examiner responsible for all death investigations will get moved from the old d.c. general hospital to the new facility that will be run bay civilian director. but the d.c. fraternal order of police union says the city is making a mistake replacing seasoned, sworn officers who know crime scenes. >> unless you're going to replace the experts, and that's massachusetts what those guys are, with experts, then that's potentially a problem. >> reporter: the union contends the city has failed to hire enough officers and is stretching the force to fill vacancies, while many officers quit or retire. >> we're going to continue to lose folks as the conditions inside the agency deteriorate. and we just cannot maintain the ones that we have hired. and we can't recruit fast enough. >> reporter: only 20 of the 80 officers have been transferred so far.
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jim? >> thank you, tom. hey, how did you love this day? a lot of sunshine out there. and it had some nice warmth going with it. >> hope you soaked it in, because this is the last mostly sunny day for a while. doug knew it, so he went outside. he is monitoring clouds and rain moving in. doug? >> yeah, monitoring those right now. >> sure you are. >> there they go right now, the clouds. and yes, there is some rain associated with the cloud. but it's well down to the south and west. we are watching a little bit of a system down to the southwest. we'll get do that in just a second. first off, it is another gorgeous afternoon right now. the wind, however, fibbing up out of the south about 13. but gusting upwards of 20. 76 degrees the current temperature out this. so nice and mild. 73 in leesburg. 75 in culpepper. 75 as well towards fredericksburg. temperatures will be a lot warmer over the next 24 hours than they have been the last 24 hours. but notice all the rain on the radar. some of it trying to work its way in here right now. i'll show you when we see the best chance for rain over the next couple of days. say goodbye to the sunshine. we won't see nearly as much sunshine as we've seen in the
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past few days. my complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all righty. fairfax county's police chief has a new chief tonight. the board of supervisors appointed chief david roarer as deputy county executive today. he'll be responsible for the county safety programs including the police, fire and emergency management departments. roarer has been with the police department for the past 32 years. he'll start his job on october 20th. we're just getting started on "news4 at 5":00. coming up, referee rage. >> you see the one guy go touchdown and the other time-out, like it's a pick. >> how does md jennings not get credit for the interception? i have no idea. >> just the latest in a series of questionable calls. and folks, it's only week three. tonight d.c. is sounding off. and the device that doctors are implanting inside the patient's eyes to help the legally blind see again.
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you're watching "news4 at 5." >> an honor guard placed the prisoners of war missing in action flag above the charles county government building today, and it's going to stay there for the next year. at today's dedication ceremony, charles county says it is the first in maryland to fly pow/mia flag. wills disappeared in 196 on patrol in south vietnam at the age of 22. macular degeneration is the number one cause of central vision loss in americans over 50. central vision loss means people
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have trouble reading and recognizing faces. >> doreen gensler joins us to tell us about a newly approved device that is helping patients gain sight back. >> reporter: macular degeneration can be awful. it can really take people's independence away from them. this device is a miniature telescope that is implanted directly in the eye. it can magnify vision up to three times. and that's helping some macular degeneration patients live better lives. >> i wasn't going to let my handicap control my life. >> reporter: dale's handicap? he was legally blind, the result of end stage macular degeneration, a common eye disease where the tissue in the back of the eye dies. it causes people the lose their sharp central vision. >> if i wanted to crott the street, i'd have to sit there and listen until there was no traffic coming, because i couldn't see the cars. it was that bad. >> reporter: deckhart's macular degeneration was past the point where drugs could help.
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but instead of suffering through it, he decided to enter a clinical trial for an implantable device that could possibly help him see better. >> well, the device is if you think of just a telescope, it's essentially a miniaturized and small enough that we can implant it directly into the eye. >> reporter: eye telescope magnifies vision in one eye so patients can use that eye to see objects more clearly. but there is a trade off. it also takes away the peripheral vision in that eye. so patients will need to use the other eye to see objects around them. dr. daniel baron bernstein. >> patients have to realize this is not a cure. but we're really trying to maximize the vision they have. >> it takes months, even years of training to fully learn to use the implant. in fact, patients will often see double at first since each eye sees images in a different way. deck hart says now he is used to the device, he is still legally
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blind, but his vision has improved dramatically. now he can work with his tools. and even read using a magnifying glass. >> a lot of little things they said i would never do, i found out i could do if i worked at it hard enough. >> he was very motivated. dale deckhart says he can't feel the device in his eye, and he says his brain has learned to adjust for double vision. also, it's really tough to learn how to use the device. that's why it's only used as a last resort. patients have to first use a simulator to see if they're willing to go through all the training it takes to use this device. wendy and jim, it's not for everybody. but for some it can make a huge difference. >> wow, it's amazing what they're already starting to do. that's what is blowing me away. the fact that they're doing it at all. >> right. >> is a great start. great, thanks. doug we got you back indoors. i'm stunned. >> try to stay outside. they pulled me back. >> making him jealous. >> it's beautiful out there.
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>> it was nice! >> that's the thing. you were talking about, you got to get out today because the next couple of days won't be quite so nice. not going to be all that bad either. let's just say that right now. we're not talking about some drastic change that is going to keep you indoors. no. what we are going to see is a chance for rain, and we're going to see a lot more clouds over the next couple days. out there right now, plenty of sunshine, bright blue skies once again. we are seeing some high clouds trying to stream in across the area. some are seeing partly to mostly cloudy skies. 76 degrees is the current temperature with wind out of the south at about 13 miles per hour. once again, we are seeing plenty of sunshine as we look towards what is going to be happening around the rest of the area now. everybody into the 70s. yesterday everybody was into the 60s. so today we're about 5 to 10 degrees above where we were yesterday. 72 in martinsburg. 76 in washington, which is now close to the actual average high. 74 in pax river. so a very nice afternoon. very pleasant. you are going to see a chance of rain over the next few hours.
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look around. one little shower down here. nothing else going on. this i don't think will make it over the mountains. take a look. this is a little bit of a larger system that had a lot of rain associated earlier trying to move sba our area. it is very dry east of the blue ridge. i do not expect these to stay together. if they do, maybe just a few showers down around stanton, charlottesville. i think once again these will die out as they continue to move off towards the east. this will kind of be the pattern over the next couple of days. take a look at this. you extend this rain all the way back through cincinnati, st. louis. you can keep going all the way back into colorado. it's just a moisture train that we're going to be on over the next couple of days. we'll see a frontal boundary. high pressure still dom night. nice weather here. here are the showers. they move out. here comes the front. the front is going to sit on us. notice a couple of showers. tomorrow i think a very nice day. nice and warm with highs in the low 80s. then we'll continue to see our chance of rain increasing over the next couple of days as a couple of areas of low pressure
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begin to move our way. for the rest of the evening tonight, you'll see a few clouds on the increase, but still nice. and a little bit on the cooler side. temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s for the most part. as we move on through the next couple days, you will see temperatures on the warm side. 83 tomorrow. and most of us will not see rain tomorrow. keep those umbrellas handy. a 40% chance of showers on thursday. about a 50% chance on friday. and we keep that chance in on saturday too. so like i said, not a ton of rain out of this thing. but at least the chance of rain the next few days, and a lot more clouds. >> all right. thank you, doug. still to come, a mother in distress. tonight we are seeing and hearing the first signs that zookeepers had that something was wrong with the little panda cub. and it's been named one of the most expensive homes in the washington area. now get this. it can be yours. and in the midst of this replacement referee controversy, there were some great plays in week three of the nfl, and dan will show them to us coming up in sports. and later tonight on news4 and later tonight on news4 at 6:00, there this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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well, dan is here now. hey, so much talk about this ref stuff. we need some good plays here. >> oh my godness. there were some good plays throughout? >> you know what's funny? i got a call this morning from carol joint from the washingtonian to talk about the referee issue. this is crazy. it's beyond the realm of sports. people fired up, they want the regular referees back. it was a crazy ending to the nhl week with yesterday's touchdown that wasn't for the seahawks. but that wasn't the only highlight or lowlight of the week. plenty of plays deserve another look in our plays of the week. of course the spotlight in week three belongs to the replacement officials. check out the cowboys wide receiver kevin ogletree against the buccaneers. look what he trips over here, a hat that a referee throws out on the field to mark the fact that he was out of bounds. how about threeing that hat out
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of bounds? man, that play was ridiculous. there were some great plays this week. how about vikings tight end kyle rudolph against the previously undefeated 49ers. check out the one-handed catch in the end zone around defensive back dante whitner. outstanding grab for one of two touchdown passes in the game and the vikings' upset win. man, that was pretty. fedex field wasn't even full on before the redskins were behind thanks mohammed sinu. lines up in the wildcat and throws the perfect bomb to aj green. receivers aren't supposed to be able to throw like that. i'm sure the redskins defense had a bad week, but nobody saw that coming. how about their december defensive back, deangelo hall. speaking of surprises, the tennessee titans pulling the oldie, but goody. we remember the music city miracle back in the day. how about part 2.
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they throw it across the field to tommy campbell. he goes 65 yards untouched by human hands into the end zone. the city of nashville is going crazy after that play. the titans not the only team to have a miracle in their game. final seconds of regulation, the lions trailing by seven. another miracle. shaun hill throwing up the hail mary, and titus young, the other receiver on that team scores the touchdown. unfortunately for the lions, the last miracle in that one was the titans' field goal for the upset win. the heroic performance of the week, of course, wide receiver tory smith, the maryland alum lost his brother in a motorcycle accident early on sunday morning, but still played in a game against the patriots and had his best game as a professional. two touchdown passes in the ravens' last-second victory, an emotional day that began with sorrow ends with at least a
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little bit of joy for a moment for tory smith. that was a fun sight to see him out there. maybe a little therapy for him. >> sure. tough day. thank you, dan. >> you're welcome. coming up, more on the replacement referee rage. >> local fans vent about the affect of the nfl lockout. this is chris gordon live tonight at fedex field. and we will share some of their choice comments about those replacement refs, live ahead on news4 at 5:00. and we're going to meet the local teenager who thought something was missing from social media. so he took it upon himself to fix it. i'm liz crenshaw. retired military step up agains
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priority, coming up. recapping our top story tonight, a family of four found dead in herndon, virginia this
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afternoon. the parents and two teenagers were discovered in their home here on point rider lane. police checked on the house after the family hadn't been seen for a few days. police are not seeing what they believe happened, but they will say that there is no threat to the surrounding neighborhood. now to doug for a check on our forecast. hey, doug. >> a check right now talking about temperatures. the city at 76 degrees out at the airport here and washington. but notice other areas. ocean city nice down there today. only 69, though. and back to the west, elkins, west virginia, 55. charleston, west virginia, at 60. much cooler air back to the west as we did see some shower activity move through that region for us. a lot of changes over the next couple of days. temperatures going up. temperatures going down. rain coming down in parts of the region. we'll explain coming up once again in just a couple of minutes. well, everyone is talking about this. the nfl under fire today after that controversial call at the end of last night's monday night football game. >> the final play is a wilson loft to the end zone, which is
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fought for by tate with jennings, simultaneous. who has it? who they give it to? touchdown! >> it was a call made by the nfl's replacement referees. tonight everyone from the league to the fans, president obama, everyone has something to say about this. chris gordon joins us from fed ex field with reaction from out there. hey, chris. >> hey, wendy. good evening. the nfl lockout of regular referees is a labor dispute over pay and pensions. in the meantime, it's using those replacement referees who have varying degrees of experience. and redskin fans have had reason to complain over the loss in st. louis, and recently the loss to cincinnati here at fedex field just a few day ago. redskins fans complained about the replacement referees sunday after the loss to the bengals. some say the refs wrongly assessed penalties and mismanaged the clock. >> the refs and the end of the game, a little disappointing.
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but still redskins fans for life. >> i think the refs played a big part in this. i think all of them need to lose their jobs. get a new one. >> reporter: former coach and nbc football commentator tony dungy, in washington yesterday was asked about the growing list of complaints about replacement referees. >> i think the players and coaches and probably fans too have to forget about the bad calls and say, you know, we've just got to concentrate on playing football and winning. it's unfortunate, but that's where we are right now. >> reporter: and then came the controversial call monday night, giving seattle the victory on a completed pass that many fans and one ref saw as a green bay interception. it's all the talk today on tv, twitter, and sports radio. >> i love football, but i'm not an expert. but i could make some of those calls. >> you're watching every week, and it's getting worse and worse that they don't know the rules of the game, but the nfl keeps coming out and trying to say something to make everybody think they're doing a good job.
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>> reporter: the public seems upset, measured by fan reaction we got today down by the verizon center. >> i think considering the game last night, that was crazy. so we definitely need our refs back, the original refs. >> what do you think ought to happen with the original refs? >> go away. make them go away. >> reporter: why? >> the awful calls. that's pretty much all i can say. the game isn't the same anymore. >> reporter: now redskins, players, and their coaches are being restrained in what they can say and can't about these replacement referees. but coming up on news4 at 6:00, we'll talk to two former redskins players who have no such restrictions on them. we'll hear what they have to say in next hour. we're live at fedex field. >> we'll see you then. chris, thank you. for the first time today, we are hearing that distress call from giant panda mei xiang the
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morning her newborn cub died. zookeepers tell us those honking sounds early sunday morning alerted them something was very wrong. preliminary results show that the cub had fluid in its abdomen, and that some abnormalities were happening in the liver. but full results of the cause of death won't be available for about two weeks. the cub, which was female, was just six days old. a two-year court battle over a mural came to an end in arlington today. darcy spencer explains why. even though it was bright and colorful, the courts ruled that it broke the law and it had to go. >> reporter: the tarp that has been covering a cute but controversial mural on an arlington dog grooming business was taken down. >> it's kind of emotional after a two-year struggle to see it come down and see all the images that had been hidden for two years. >> reporter: the mural which is on a cinder block wall facing a dog park was painted over, marking the end of a two-year court battle over government regulations and free speech.
5:35 pm
>> the problem with the law is it lets government officials play art critic. it gives them absolute discretion to treat entrepreneurs like kim with absolute disdain. >> reporter: kim, owner of wag more dogs helped to whitewash the mural which she paid an artist $4,000 to paint on the side of her building. >> i think the park users have looked at a blue tarp long enough. and i think they deserve something nice to look at. >> reporter: the men who were painting over the mural say they don't like the idea of covering up another artist's work, but they're hoping the new mural will give the business a new start. the institute for justice took the fight to keep the mural to federal court and lost. arlington county officials argue the doggy mural amounts to an advertisement and violates the sign rules. >> i studied advertising for 20 years. a sign as your name on it. it doesn't mean anything if it doesn't tell you who is providing a service.
5:36 pm
a bunch dogs on a wall doesn't tell you anything. >> reporter: these two artists will paint a new mural here, a tree scene that is dog-free. >> i love that she is finding more artist, instead of just painting it white. because that would be defeat. i feel like this is the a different story. >> reporter: in arlington, darcy spencer, news4. during yesterday's 5:00 newscast, we ran a tease for a story about the discover card being ordered to refund hundreds of millions of dollars to customers it misled. the video running during that close included a shot of a visa card from applied bank, which is not involved in the refund case. we apologize for the error. still ahead on "news4 at 5" -- >> a lot of guts to do that. >> a bold move. a high school student makes that has the whole community rallying behind her. and this
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right. you're watching "news4 at 5." >> one of the most lavish and pricey houses in our region is about to go on the auction block. this is a look at entrepreneur rodney pea hunt's mansion in mclane. it's a cozy 20,000 square feet featuring ten fireplaces, an elevator, a bowling alley -- it better have a bowling alley -- and a movie theater among other things. at one time it was valued at more than $23 million. the auction takes place thursday at the arlington county courthouse. what are you doing thursday? >> we've got to save up. >> i'm going to go bowling in that house. >> it's not open to everybody, though. bidders must present a certified $100,000 check if they wish to participate. >> all right, i'm out. a lot of action at fedex field today, even though the redskins aren't playing. hundreds of local school kids took part in the redskins
5:41 pm
reading kickoff. the team invited students from prince georges county to the stadium. local politicians and other community leaders could read to them. they got to hear josh morgan read a book about fitness for young people. and he seemed to enjoy the event as much as the kids did. >> especially me being from here, just to come out here and be able to do things like this with the children and everything, it just, you know, helped broaden education. >> students who read ten or more books during this school year will get a redskins reading certificate. that's a good idea. coming up on "news4 at 5":00 tonight, the impact the military says america's obesity epidemic is having on their troops. plus, the social network that parents c
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to help kids in the classroom.
5:45 pm
in tonight's education nation report, imagine a social networking site that can help you get good grades. a new site called hallway lets students share notes and get help with their class work with just a few clicks of a mouse. angie goff shows us what it's all about and introduces us to the young ceo who happens to be from our area. >> reporter: no question, social media is making it easier for students to connect. but between the updates, the likes, and chats, students say there is a major fail. >> facebook and twitter are great for a lot of things. but they're not -- it's a very imperfect platform for studying. >> reporter: it's a problem seth hispanic mcelreth set out to solve. at 17 he cofounded his first company, hallway. >> you can ask questions, post notes, create classes and committee we can identify who
5:46 pm
you are as a student and who the best students in the world are on certain subjects. >> reporter: holloway takes learning from to digital. allison chu logs on to pass notes with friends on calculus, and finds she can focus, something hard to do with other sites. >> the biggest problem with that for me is that i get so distracted. and that's on top of i can't get help from kids outside of my classes, i can't search for specific notes for help on a particular subject. >> reporter: the scholastic network wasn't an overnight success. it was here at a place called the fort in northwest d.c., a place that funds and grows new businesses where shawn and his team spent this summer working and coding for hours, five days a week. tens of thousands of dollars were pumped into the project after investors big in the d.c. startup scene realized the potential. >> they're not designing a product based on some market study. they're based on exactly what they and all of their friends every day really desperately
5:47 pm
want and need. >> reporter: and the online portal ran by shawn and five fellow students is gaining popularity. most of thomas jefferson is signed up. 35 schools across the region are testing it out. and by the end of the year, hope goes to college. this young ceo hopes helps students while inspiring others. >> there is an amazing mentor network in d.c. any kid who has a great idea to change the world, there is resources out there for them to do so. >> reporter: in northwest d.c., angie goff, news4. >> hey, that website is currently open to students only by invitation. for more information about hallway, you can log on to that we can do. >> very cool. hey, let's get a check on our forecast. >> i want to show you a little earlier, a lot of people enjoying all the sunshine we've had over the last couple of days down along the potomac river, the mt. vernon trail. a lot of bikers out and about across the area. let's take a different vantage point from the same trail near
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the woodrow wilson bridge. you can see towards old towne, zander there. we're going to continue to see the clouds increasing throughout the rest of the evening. this is our new camera at the gaylord national hotel. now sun fading fast. yeah, that's for sure. take a look at. this as we zoom on in here towards the washington, d.c. area, the sun setting off in the west. but it is fading very quickly. we had 12 hours of sunlight during the day today. so 12 hours of daylight today. but by tomorrow, we'll start to lose even more. we're losing about 2:30 per day between now and the middle portions of december. how about that? so it's going to start getting -- start getting dark earlier and earlier, as you already know. now temperatures out there right now sitting at 76 degrees out at the airport. we're going to continue to watch these numbers begin to fall a little, but not much because of that south wind at about 13 miles per hour. chance of rain, not tonight. but over the next couple days, we'll see that increase. 76 in rockville. 74 in fort belvoir.
5:49 pm
there are a few showers back to the west around petersburg, trying to make their way over the mountains. but they're having a very hard time doing so. once again, rain chances really will not start to increase until the day tomorrow. about a 30% chance to the north and west. high of 83 tomorrow. and then a better chance on thursday, friday, and saturday. but notice, even the highest chance of rain only about 50% on friday. and then it does look like we dry out into early next week. the next couple of days it's going to be a better idea to keep that umbrella handy. the top party school, the most dangerous jobs, and potential probation problems for chris brown. >> sheer what is trending today. a judge in l.a. is trying to determine whether singer chris brown violated the terms of his probation. he is under court supervision now for beating his former girlfriend rihanna in '09. yesterday the judge noted that brown tested positive for pot. and says even though he has a prescription for medical marijuana in california, he should be mindful of his public image and his influence on young fans. forbes has just released a
5:50 pm
list of the deadliest jobs, and that's deadly in terms of fatalities, not boredom. according to figures from the labor bureau statistics, the job most likely to result in death, fishing. i guess the big fishing fleets, followed by logging, aircraft pilots and engineers work in the third most dangerous occupation. collecting trash turns out to be the fourth most dangerous way to pick up paycheck. there you go. and it's not quite the number one ranking most parents look for in a college. playboy magazine has ranked uva america's top party school that according to again to "playboy." the magazine says it bases its list on three categories -- sports, sex, and night life. judging on a very different set of criteria, last month forbes ranked uva the top public university in the country. take that, "playboy." childhood obesity has retired military leaders worried about the future of our national security. plus, could there be a bacon shortage?
5:51 pm
>> uh-oh. and you're strapped in for crash. liz crenshaw is here to tell you who is hiring. liz? >> good news on the hiring front. we're going to start with the retired military leaders leading a charge against junk food sold in schools. today the national security organization called mission readiness released the report. schools are selling 400 billion calories of junk food every year. the report called still too fat to fight comes from 300 retired generals and admirals that links childhood obesity as a long-term threat to our national security. it calls for stronger standard for foods and beverages sold at schools in such places as vending machines and school stores in addition to the cafeteria. the report finds one in four young aamericans are too overweight to enlist. >> being overweight or obese is the number one medical reason why young adults cannot join the
5:52 pm
military. as these alarming figures show, childhood obesity is more than just health ore than just an ec issue. it is, in fact, a national security issue. >> earlier this year, mission readiness supported the usda's plan to reduce calories, fat, and sodium in school meals. okay. if you're looking for extra cash, here is some good news. more retailers are planning to hire for the holidays. many retailers say they will add more seasonal staffers than last year. that's according to the consulting firm hay group, which surveyed more than a dozen major u.s. retailers. we're talking hundreds of thousands of jobs. toys r us announced it's adding 45,000 employees. kohl's planning to hire more than 52,000 folks. the limited says it will add 2,000 jobs, walmart 50,000 workers, and target between 80 and 90,000 jobs. all seasonal. finally, there is a chance
5:53 pm
bacon at breakfast may become a luxury. that's because a global bacon and pork shortage is expected next year. the national pig association in britain says the worldwide shortage is, quote, unavoidable after this year's drought conditions. the drought ruined corn and soy bean crops used to feed the herds. here in the u.s. the pork supply hit a record high last month, rising 31% compared to a year ago, this after farmers reportedly scaled down their herds because feeding the animals became so expensive. so bacon prices may be low now because of the increased supply. but expect all pork prices to rise next year. so, yeah. >> there is always tempeh bacon, that's what i was going to say there is always tempeh student
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
is turning the tables on her bullies. you're watching "news4 at 5." >> residents of a small michigan town are rallying around a high school student who says she is the butt of a cruel joke. >> this teenager was chosen by her fellow students to be a member of her school's homecoming court just so they could make fun of her. nbc's kevin tibbles reports. >> reporter: 16-year-old whitney kropp has learned firsthand the highs and lows of high school. she never considered herself part of the in-crowd, so she was surprised to find students had voted her to the homecoming court. >> i never thought i would be part of it, because really it's pour the big popular people. >> reporter: but the sophomore's happiness turned to humiliation when some students told her it was all a cruel joke. >> just to put me in there as a joke to make fun of me. >> reporter: it hurt because
5:58 pm
whitney says a few years back she was the target of bullies. >> one year kids decided to be funny to kick me in my shins with steel-toed boots because i was different. >> reporter: so when this happened, it brought back painful memories, i felt like i wasn't worthy. why even be a part of this community, this world if i'm just going to be tossed around basically a piece of trash. >> reporter: whitney's mom told her one way to get back at the bullies was to turn the tables, to persevere, and go to the dance. >> it takes a lot of guts, a lot of guts to do that. >> reporter: and she is going to do it? >> she is going to do it. >> reporter: many in this rural northern michigan town agreed, and they came together. a local hair dresser is doing her hair for free. >> here is this bright young girl, very pretty, you know, why? why would anyone pick on her? >> reporter: and her gown has been donated. >> i honestly hope that the kids will take this and kind of learn it from.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: student jade cameron who attends a different school couldn't believe what whitney has endured. >> it's horrible. it just makes me mad because it's not fair. you don't do that to someone. >> reporter: a facebook page set up to support whitney has gotten thousands of likes with its stop bullying message. maybe you're showing the bullies you're better. >> i'm excited to go because i can prove everyone wrong and say i'm not this joke that you guys thought of. if you guys do, this it made me longer and i have more self-esteem than what i had. >> wow. well, now at 6:00, an appeal in the uva lacrosse murder case. a couple and their teenaged sons are dead. investigators are digging for answer that was family tragedy in virginia. president obama center stage at the united nations at a time in america -- when anti-american riots continue. and the people who murdered an american ambassador are still on the loose.

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